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Observing PSR B0833-45 with a Small Aperture Antenna


Steve Olney


NSW, Australia


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Steve Olney is the owner/operator of the Hawkesbury Radio Astronomy Observatory (HawkRAO) located some 60 km north-west of Sydney, Australia. He received his Degree in Electrical Engineering and Diploma in Electronic Engineering from the University of Technology Sydney (NSWIT) and a Diploma in Education (Technical) from the Institute of Technical and Adult Teacher Education. He is also a qualified Six Sigma Green Belt. Most of his professional career has been engaged in Medical Electronics design (ultrasound and sleep apnoea) with periods of technical teaching. Now retired, he indulges his passion for science, radio and astronomy conveniently combined in the field of radio astronomy.

Neutron Star Group

There are a number of citizen scientists who have achieved success at detecting pulsars. Steve Olney has created and maintain a website which lists details about those citizen scientists, as well as discussing the challenges for such success. These details and information can be found here...

Neutron Star Group

The Neutron Star Group website is designed to encourage others to engage in the exciting and challenging exercise of citizen science and pulsar detection in particular.