Hawkesbury Radio Astronomy Observatory

Vela Pulsar Observations

Observing PSR B0833-45 with a Small Aperture Antenna

B0833-45 Daily Observations

Below are the last HawkRAO observatory results of reception of Vela pulsar signals showing the Observatory Status, the Period Search Panel, the Glitch Monitor Panel, a Vela Information Panel and an Aggregate Pulse Profile.

For further details about the data displayed here see the 'Observation Information' page (opens a new window).  Also available is a daily observation summary text file and details of science results.

The current position of the Vela pulsar as observed at HawkRAO can be viewed on the 'Vela' page (see tab above).

Note that the data displayed has been restarted from MJD 58344 (14th August 2018) - the point in time for the upgrade of the single antenna to an array of four.

Current HawkRAO Vela Pulsar Observation Status
HawkRAO Observatory Status
Period Search Panel
HawkRAO Observatory Panel
Glitch Alert Panel
HawkRAO Glitch Monitor Panel
Vela Information Panel
Vela Information Panel
Aggregate Pulse Profile Panel
Aggregate Pulse Profile

See the 'Observation Information' page (opens new window) for further details.


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